10 computer games with the most realistic graphics

There are many compelling arguments in favor of gaming consoles, but when it comes to quality of graphics, the PC is instantly pulled into the lead. So, even on the brand new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One most games are only at a resolution of 900p and 720p respectively. While even mid-range PC able to run games at 1080p or even 1440p, and top – all in 4K. Don’t forget about the extra graphics technology available only on PCs: superior smoothing, imitation of natural light, physics of small particles, etc.

Crysis 3

Released in 2007 the first part of Crysis was made clearly for the future – at that time simply did not exist PC is able to provide smooth gameplay at maximum graphics settings. The third part of Crysis too, get a benchmark and at least equally realistic grass (every blade of grass lives his life) is not in any other modern game.

Metro: Last Light Redux

Post-apocalyptic shooter Metro: Last Light was initially set itself an extremely high level of quality graphics, especially the realistic look of leather jackets. By the way, we regularly use the built-in Last Light benchmark in our reviews for testing of processors and graphics cards. But the developers 4A Games have gone even further and re-released the Redux, which includes both parts of the Metro, with improved graphics.

TES V: Skyrim (+Mods)

Incredibly beautiful, but certainly not hi-tech was originally a fantasy role-playing game TES V: Skyrim. Fortunately, it took craftsmen and soon released a set of improved textures. Redrew almost all the faces of the characters, armors, swords, beasts, and dragons, and, of course, the main attraction this is not your typical edge – nature.


Car simulator Spintires is notable not so much the graphics, although it is quite decent, how much ultra-realistic physics, which is responsible for the Havok engine. The game offers to ride in jeeps and trucks over rough terrain. The high risk of getting stuck in the mud or sand.

Battlefield 4

It’s one thing to make nice graphics in single-player corridor game, and quite another in multiplayer with spacious maps. Moreover, network shooter simply is obliged to work at 60 FPS. But the main innovation of Battlefield 4 is Levolution technology that changes the map drastically during a multiplayer match. The falling skyscraper, crumbling dam, ocean storm and sandstorm – this is not a complete list of the graphical beauty of Battlefield 4.

Ryse Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome – another “monster” game from the Studio Crytek, creators of Crysis trilogy. This time the theme of the near future gave way to the distant past – the era of the Roman Empire. The levels in Ryse are much less spacious compared to Crysis 3, and the game itself was, in fact, “like a movie”, but rather dynamic and, most importantly, very beautiful.

Dying Light

For me personally, Dying Light was the main pleasant surprise among the games of the first quarter of 2015. Not only is it gameplay and atmosphere are nothing like their predecessors (Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide), and the quality of graphics went to a whole new level. And Dying Light for the day and night.

Project CARS

The final version of the racing simulation game Project CARS is still not out, but the graphics even beta is impressive. If the nature around the racing tracks drawn well, but no more, the coating of the tracks and especially the cars look great. This is probably the first and only computer game that can be a stretch, but to call photorealistic.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The third part of “the Witcher” – another several times postponed and still has not released a game in our most beautiful. To call it realistic, probably not. – very unnatural motley her colors. But the work of artists and graphic technology applied in suits Geralt and his companions, and the world around them, are impressive.

Unreal Paris

Unreal Paris is not a computer game, and only a small demo on the new Unreal Engine 4. But damn it, she is the most real photorealistic graphics! In the demo depicts a stylishly furnished apartment in Paris where you can wander. The texture of the wood and fabric on the furniture look great. And, best of all, Unreal Paris is a very natural color scheme without now fashionable in film and game blue and orange filters.