10 of the most unusual games for Android

Game producers every year to make their creations: paintings more spectacular and realistic picture, add multiplayer, and new locations. And only a small portion of developers thinks about the creation of original apps that stands out from the same type of shooters, RPG, and fighting games.

Companies release games on Android has decided to surprise players with unusual plots, characters and gameplay, not typical for applications of this genre.


The plot of the game was created under the impression from a series of books by George R. R. Martin’s “a Song of ice and fire” and Glen cook’s “Black squad”, written in the genre of dark fantasy. The basis for the fictional world took Norse mythology.

The action takes place in a cold snowy world that have to fight clad in armor of stone Golems (Drago). The story is on behalf of several characters of the races of men, giants (Warlow) and centaurs.

The player travels the world, collects the caravan and army procures supplies and tries to maintain the power of the spirit. All decisions affect the further development of the plot, and the death of soldiers in battle affects the power of the spirit squad.

From other games of the fantasy genre Banner Saga features the atmosphere of impending doom, no hope of salvation from Drago. This is not a dynamic RPG, which the characters kill enemies in one powerful spell. In Banner Saga you need to consider the steps, trying to find the right decision and not allow the caravan to lose heart. This app resembles the other game of the genre “dark fantasy” — Darkest Dungeon.

In 2016 released the second part of the Saga, but it is only available on PC and consoles.


Arcade shooter in which the player hunts the walking pieces of tofu. With higher levels offer access upgrade of a character and choice of weapons: crossbows, rifles, grenade launchers, etc.

Game features: enemies in the form of animated pieces of tofu, from the wounds which the blood flows. The app will appeal to those who want to play hunting simulator, but you can’t shoot animals, even virtual.


Simulator poker, the game in which the only against real opponents. Fighting against AI is not provided. Given a choice of several varieties of poker: hold’em, Omaha, stud and draw.

From other puzzle games PokerStars features the opportunity to participate in these poker tournaments. The application has the battle format “Sattelit”, award which is a ticket to the competition, taking place in reality.


The app, which begins as a fun “entertainment for one evening.” Black and white cats fighting against other animals, protect the castle and hire soldiers.

The strangeness starts with the level when the player activates divine strength and improves of warrior cats. After the upgrade, the characters suddenly turn into monsters: black toothy monster, like a robot donnelley cat, a creature with human legs, body and hands, cats, skeletons, etc.

The ultimate goal of the application: the capture of the fortresses rivals and enslave the world. The worst thing is that the game can be based on real events, because people do not understand the language of cats and don’t know what they were talking.


The player finds the treasure and creates themed collections. There are more than 60 items, including garden gnome, a toy ninja turtle, the black book of spells, etc.

The oddity of the game in the method of obtaining the treasure: a character “digging” plunger out of the toilet. After the meeting, a thematic collection, the player receives as a reward a new plunger.


Goat simulator, the main purpose of which is to destroy the city. For each destroyed object goat gets points destruction.

The character can fly, to butt, to rush under the car. For more options, use the mutator and the secret lab. Goat performs quests: flips, satisfied bombings, to cling to the language for the car doors.


Simulator cleaner spacecraft. Heroes save humanity from the monsters, and character Viscera Cleanup Detail cleans starships from the blood, broken objects and dead bodies of aliens.

Cleaner carrying a MOP, a bucket of clean water and a box where the waste is formed. The game takes into account all the little things: the character can accidentally overturn the container, the MOP becomes dirty and starts to smear the blood even more.


Simulator piece of bread, which you need to get to the toaster and become toast. On the way to the cherished piece of bread kills the remaining objects, coated with butter and jam, falls to the floor and climbs back in.

To control every angle of the slice is set to a separate button that increases the number of bugs in the game and leads to even greater destruction.


Simulator hanging in space mountain. The narrative begins with facing the player three questions or requests, each time they change. A human can ask about friendship, the second to ask for something to draw.

The island is slowly spinning, it the seasons are changing, we see the animation of the snowflakes, rockfalls and melting ice. The player loses the Mount of the melody and creates a shield around her, with the help of codes causing a rain of meteorites, frogs, coins and collects items.


The player manages multiple rectangles, with the name and traits. The action takes place within the program in which the error has led to the creation of artificial intelligence. Animated elements software learn virtual space and help each other to get into tight places.

We hope our selection of the most unusual games for Android will not leave you indifferent and everyone will not find something to your liking. Up to new meetings!