12 new mobile games, you should definitely try

In the market of games for smartphones new items come out continuously and remarkable speed. We didn’t have time to write material “15 new mobile games, which you should pay attention”, as immediately pulled up a new batch of fresh releases. In this collection you expect a game mode Battle Royale, updated puzzle, epic RPG, furious runner and a dozen new mobile games that are definitely worth a try.

CrossFire Legends

Popular Korean shooter CrossFire now and smartphone. A new mobile game called CrossFire: Legends and detail conveys the style of the original with flat graphics and more angular figures. But the game became popular in spite of this, so its mobile successor captures the same: spectacular firefights, easy controls, lots of maps, lots of modes, and a huge Arsenal of weapons and skins.

For fans of “battle Royale” here too to eat than profit. Recently, the creators have launched this regime with classical PVP and PVE-battles. Even for the average smartphone graphics also goes CrossFire: Legends plus the game runs without problems on almost any machine with 1-2 GB of RAM.

Dungeon Chronicle

Dungeon Chronicle is representative of the classic RPG dungeons with long, cartoon-like setting and lots of skill. The player assumes the role of destroyer of evil and is sent to clean up dozens of infinite dungeon.

A gamer multiCLASS character. He knows how and magic to throw the sword to get it and shotgun the enemy to disperse. Bild protagonist depends on the player’s imagination and the number of available points of pumping. And to chistilishe you won’t be lonely, Dungeon Chronicle there is a system of satellites. Kraft, better equipment, leveling skills and other features of the genre are present.


Arcade game Orbia tests the reaction speed of the gamer, while the gameplay is simple, but it is apparent ease. Your task one finger to drive small furry creature between crowds of enemies and not allowed the touch the protagonist. In addition to the dark-haired opponents on way to winning gamers are waiting for the obstacles, acceleration time, and other traps.

In Orbia desirable to play with headphones to immerse yourself in great music that sets the right attitude to progress through the levels. The app has stylish graphics and soft colors, and the style reminds of a mix of Monument Valley and Badland.

Voletarium Sky Explorers

Voletarium: Sky Explorers — cute steampunk-runner where gamers fly on the ancient and fanciful airplanes, exploring the world, collecting parts to upgrade and are constantly saving money on the more steep the aircraft.

The game features powerful 3D graphics, excellent optimization, spectacular flight battles in the sky and memorable to its steampunk atmosphere.

WarCars 2

Before you is a two-dimensional action game about cars from a post-apocalyptic future. Most of all the style and spirit WarCars 2 remind the franchise of Mad Max. A gamer more than a hundred of insane killing machines and the same number of upgrades and bells and whistles to your four-wheeled beast became more dangerous.

After buying and tuning cars death of a gamer waiting for the PVP arena, fun and mountains of crumpled metal.


AXE.IO — a new representative of the popular genre of online arenas in the setting of Norse mythology. Here gamers converge on large and small venues from 6 to 50 people, running into each other with swords, throw axes and other selected weapons. The variety gameplay adds the availability of character classes, a large Arsenal of sticks of death, pumping skills and an abundance of modes.

Deploy and Destroy

Deploy and Destroy is a crazy online shooter, where gamers can play for characters of the series “ash vs. evil dead” or (Suddenly!) for the heroes of the teen trilogy “Divergent”. For those whom these projects do not cling to the available world fighters Deploy and Destroy squad Awesome Squad.

In stock stylish locations from TV shows and movies, tons of weapons (ranged and melee each), a lot of black humor, detailed character customization, hundreds of skins on the guns, great graphics and hurricane gameplay.

2048 Tycoon

2048 puzzle once attracted the attention of millions of gamers on Android and iOS. But time goes on and games become boring. Therefore, at the stage of 2048 Tycoon — like basis, but with the style of amusement parks.

The player’s task, as before, is to close all the empty squares on the field by combining identical cells. However, now instead of numbers you need to collect in order attractions, circus tents, room of fear, carousels, tracks with cars and other recreational structures in the Park.

Runaway Toad

Runaway Toad — stylish platformer about the adventures of a frog. She escaped from the castle of the Princess, because I do not want to kiss her and become a Prince. Frog just wants to be herself, so went to their native swamps.

On her way procedurally generated atmospheric levels, pleasant music and a crowd of bloodthirsty beasts. But nothing puts a green heroine (or hero) to return home.

Mercs of Boom

Mercs of Boom — the new representative of space fiction with turn-based battles. The player tries on the role of the head of a private military Corporation, which is opposed to the aliens and in parallel is studying them to create new weapons.

Battles in Mercs of Boom made in the form of classic turn-based battles with a map divided into cells. An important addition to the gameplay — building a base and creating and pumping different types of units. The setting and the plot of the game is suspiciously similar to the XCOM series, but with a bias in the pathos and brutality.

Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale — free interpretation of the popular genre of “battle Royale”. Players choose one of the available characters and immediately sent into battle without waiting in the lobby. However, from the descent by parachute, red zones, crazy opponents and selection of weapons to get rid of will come. On each map converge to 32 gamers, and the average length of the local battle for 3-5 minutes. The arena allow you to go in the company of friends.

Battlelands Royale stands loyal to any smartphone cartoon graphics, rapid spectacular fights and trademark humor. In the presence of pumping hero, tons of weapons, skins and other improvements.

Darkness Rises

Well-known Korean company Nexon introduced on mobile platforms, the new action-RPG Darkness Rises. The game world is threatened by the local army of demons. Naturally, the player becomes one of the heroes who should resist the invaders.

Darkness Rises is praised for console level graphics, adequate story, detailed character customization, battle with huge bosses, dark dungeons, plenty of skill and taming mobs.