And against the AI. In any shooters now you can play with bots?

With the development of the Internet gaming industry began more and more to the radio through multiplayer. The first matches in DOOM I (not the remake, of course) pass on the grid, but as time went on, and Counter-Strike gave a mighty impetus to the online games, prepared at the same time and Steam. with the transition into a pure online computer opponents are losing popularity, and most of the players did not pay attention. I belong to a minority, and talk about why bots are important and where to find them now.

Many people ask this question when on the forums here and there POPs up this topic. They say that the days of 56K modems were on, the Internet in every home, do not want to play, people are unpredictable, with them interesting, with bots weapons will not pump, and so on. In fact they are right – multiplayer with real players not bots will be replaced. However, AI is not calculated.

Citrate no bots, no spam, you can customize them for themselves, they are not buggy and don’t suffer from rage quit. On the server with bots will not go MLG player who, even in the toilet makes a NOSCOPE 720, and begins methodically and with impunity to mock others. It is obvious highlights. Among the non-obvious – a game with bots you can often pause, and to go on business, they can practice the technique of shooting, flight, evasion and avoidance.

With bots, you can more effectively study the map to test weapons and so on. But if the bot sat in the transport, it is often possible to drive out. The network code, the scourge of the modern shooters, also with bots often irrelevant, because you can play with them at all without the Internet!

Another important point – the so-called power fantasy. Sometimes it’s nice to feel like the unstoppable killing machine – the same MLG Pro-player who breaks all the left and right without messing up anyone is nerves. If the bots are smart enough and only shoot sometimes crooked can – the ideal scenario.

Yes, bots are not mandatory in the gameplay. Also optional, like good graphics, rich sounds or hitmaker. Without them, the game could be good, but with them it will be even better and certainly not worse. First, let’s talk about the games where bots are initially, and then move on to the various crutches, worthy of attention.

Star Wars Battlefront

The first part almost perfection in any of the plans. Powerful single mode, good multiplayer, fairly smart bots, though and tender. For example, if you hover the sight on the flying ship under AI control, he will not take off, and you can get into it.

A restart of the franchise in 2015 came the controversial, but recent update has brought into play, I began to think about buying the game. Properly, bots in private matches! They are just two modes, Yes, but have three difficulty settings and capable of almost everything, what can an ordinary player.

Series Counter-Strike

This is one of the most stable game series in terms of AI. Bots were in versions prior to 1.6 and Source, is not lost even in Global Offensive. Their task is usually simple to allow the player to learn the modes and maps, to experience the weapons and learn to shoot it, without prejudice to the online statistics.

CS Source

While bots, though, and have no top-secret able to sit in ambush, throw grenades, talking on the radio, even listen to the commands of the player. Their complexity depends on how fast the dummy will react to the enemy, how well it will shoot and will move at the same time.


Not as famous as CS, the simulator parkour shooting called Brink to bots is very carefully. The fact that, as in Battlefield, the single-player campaign consists of a standard mission with AI, they differ the only job. Bots while playing the role of extras, and the plot is fed through the well done cutscenes.

Because in a shooter quite nicely decorated, a class-role system, the campaign works as a preparation for online matches and on the level of the spell. That is, in battle with real players, you can enter the level on the tenth-fifteenth, knowing a bunch of tricks with grenades, with mines, knowing all the passages on the map and details of the mission.

Battlefield Series

After the release of Bad Company 2 this series of shooters switched to a purely online component. Appeared target the Battlelog plugin for the browser, the server list has been there. And the upcoming Battlefield 1 the situation is unlikely to fix – the application offline or co-op component in there.

So if you are hunting to do Motopista, you should pay attention to. And personally, my attention is drawn to the unforgettable Battlefield 2. Initially, there is only co-op with bots on maps with a size of 16 people. That is, 8 V 8, almost no air – planes were on one map, the helicopters – two, I think. Of the eight or nine cards, Yes.

Saved the day, as expected, fashion. In the days when Battlefield 2 was sold in stores, it came out modification like opening all weapons in a single game, a full-sized maps for 64 people in a cooperative, or harsh realism. Some of them affect the network mode and led to the ban, some were ignored.

Dawn of the modifications came with the closing of the sales Battltfield 2. People who are disappointed with the DICE practice regarding the approach to BF3, sat down for your Battlefield with blackjack and aviation. In a purely multiplayer component itself elegantly showed mod Project Reality, and in the co-op, in my opinion, is the best AIX 2.0.

The fact that AIX bots behave almost the same as people. Smart, experienced people. Airplane people use all the weapons that they have available, including bombs and rockets against other planes, tanks do not stop to shoot at helicopters, and rockets too. Not once, not twice my Notar Littlebird received on the bottom of the RPG-7.

Well, the little things – the number of bots is not limited to 48, and in the settings you can set up to 255 (!) dummy. Naturally, the brakes will start tremendous, but the slaughter is a slaughter, especially in the gunner seat of the helicopter.

Even better balance the situation AIX Minimod 2.0that adds several key elements – for example, for the murder techniques are given extra points, headshots kill to death and remove the possibility reviva physician, and ammunition equipment is reduced. The mod is very realistic, juicy and entertaining, and different from the AIX 2.0 as much as AIX 2.0 is different from the vanilla version. The only thing I don’t like fashion – airplane people don’t use missiles. At all.

Also suggest in combination with a mod to replace the exe. file BF2 to open all weapons – focus effect on all versions of AIX, and as of. servers are closed, ban, no one will.

Call of Duty series

Strong multiplayer, awesome story, high dynamics, compact card and no support for AI in General. The cooperative of the last parts don’t count. Specialist, relating to the Battlefield, is relevant here – the cheaters and Pro players often spoil the mood less experienced, and sometimes I want to relax.

There is a solution. It written for Modern Warfarethat adds to the game AI for multiplayer. The latest version allows bots to use grenades, RPGs and perks. After the first round they are still a series of murders begin to use. Crutches in this case is that bots move jerkily, their names cannot be changed, and the experience modification is not drawn on others, including the vanilla version, though there is a difference only in the presence of bots, actually.

The second part of Modern Warfare has brought about active online elements, binding to a host, and in this regard, hope for bots went nowhere. However, on a pirate host came pretty curves, but working mods that add AI in multiplayer mode. The best example of Bot Warfare.

Bad modifications one thing that made my purchase a license MW2 the most incompetent purchase in my entire life – in the new patches it doesn’t work as simply there is no possibility to open the console. But for the sake of fashion I have the game and bought! Well, to salute the gorgeous multiplayer, too… fortunately, a few pirate hosts are still working, and I now with an honest soul can play with any React, and the like. Here link modification – suggest to put the penultimate version, the latest not allows to open the desired menu.

Bots, as it turned out, there on Call of Duty 2, and the name of it MeatBot. Local multiplayer, though bereft of pumping, but still fun and class oriented. Bots there is almost as smart as Modern Warfare, though to run a little more tight.

This is the most spectacular and interesting examples of shooters with bots. If you know something else, or do you have an opinion about the theme or the article itself, don’t forget to comment on the material. And remember – we do not support, we REALLY appreciate it!